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customer relationshp management

It is the right tool to manage relationships with your customers. It also manages marketing campaigns selective, able to propose the right product at the right time is a factor in the success and competitive advantage.


flexible management of web content

communicate and manage the flow of information on web sites and company portals, to create an area for clients where to publish confidential information, invoices, data sheets, improving service level.


software erp freeware

It is the management software for SMEs; complete, functional, inexpensive, intuitive and flexible, improves efficiency and productivity in the enterprise data management. Smart+ERP has no licensing costs.


Presentazione software gestionale standard senza costi di licenze


Il gestionale in salsa italiana


Smart+WEB presentation

Smart+ERP software is a modular, integrated application system for the complete management of the company.

Smart+ERP presenta caratteristiche di progettazione e di realizzazione che si traducono in vantaggi sostanziali, applicativi e decisionali che lo contraddistinguono rispetto ad altre soluzioni presenti sul mercato italiano. Smart ... more ...

Realization home pages with Smart+WEB technology

Commerce: presentation of business information, cards or brochures of products, publishing deals and sales online. Geo-statistics obtained by tracing the contacts and distribution of information and communication link with marketing campaigns. Production: with the goal of a centralized ... more ...

Search engine optimization

Having a website is not enough to be on the Internet ... ... you need to be found Why positioning in search engines?
  • Because all searching for information on the web.
  • It's an effective system to take advantage of its presence in the network and acquire target visitors interested, ... more ...

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